D Tale
Embrace your dreams and prove your honor...
И ещё немного cheesy англоязычной поэзии. Больше в ближайшее время не будет. Надо как-нибудь ещё заняться, почекать что я делал последние сколько-то месяцев и поперекидывать сюда тоже.

My day rises and sets with your name on my lips,
With your face in my mind, with your breath.
Gentle steps on my soul given solely to you,
And I kiss you good night, and you rest.

You're an angel, you know? You got wings, and your smile...
I wake up and I melt in your eyes.
Wakey-wakey, you say, and your head's on my chest,
And I hug you, so happy I cry.

Now it's evening, under the blanket we are,
We are naked, your skin is so soft...
Bed is small, and we're close, and it's sweet, and your lips...
We're together, almost as one.

Now it's night, and I play sort of chaos on keys,
And I look in your eyes and I see
That you love it. That makes me tremble inside,
That's the reason I play on the keys.

Now you touch me. I'm shaking. You're touching my soul,
And I tell you, te quiero, mi sol.
That's the moment I know that I love you, my girl,
And we kiss, and we hug, as it's cold.

Every day you're so far makes me empty inside,
I don't live anymore, I exist.
And I'm dreaming of you, of your eyes, and I cry,
And I sleep, and you're there, like a mist.

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